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Thu Jul 23rd 2020

Our Story

Where it all started.


Her Story

Lewis and I met at Church of the Hills through our mutual friend, Brett Lee, in 2011. We immediately developed a friendship and always thought fondly of each other as brothers and sisters in Christ. Before I left for Florida in October 2011, we recorded a worship cd together with a group of mutual friends (“Spontaneous”). While I was away, we kept in touch through our group meetings/chats, and when I returned for our cd release party in 2013. We often had extended conversations with each other after our group chats.

I always thought Lewis was a really sweet man of God and I knew we had a lot in common but I didn’t consider him as my “God-ordained husband”. When I returned to Texas in July 2016, Lewis and I reconnected. At the time, he was a Worship Leader at a church in North Austin, which was over 40 miles away from where I lived in San Marcos. He invited me to teach vocal lessons to his worship team twice a month on Saturdays and I welcomed the opportunity. He always had a way of encouraging me to use my gifts. Although he invited me to worship events and gatherings with our friends I never seemed to have the time. I clearly did not think he had any interest in me or that there was any potential for a relationship.

I reached a point of frustration in my singleness. I was crying out to God for Him to send my God-ordained mate. I had always desired to serve in ministry with my mate. I also desired to move to my next home with my husband. I was in the process of looking for a new home and I was living on a month-to-month lease. I felt in my spirit at the beginning of the year that God would bless me with a husband in 2018 but I was unclear of "who" and "how" it would come to pass. I remember telling my mom and Jenell, "I don't know who it will be but I believe God is going to send me a husband this year!". After a series of events, I found myself crying out to God on Sunday, March 4, 2018. I had stayed home from church because I was tired of the full weekend. The day prior, I attended the wedding of my friend's daughter and caught the bouquet. Gary and Jenell told me "You're next!" and I said, "I receive that". The next day while praying and resting in the Lord at home, Lewis called to ask me out to dinner. I immediately believed it was God answering my prayer but I did not want to alarm Lewis. We planned our first date on March 9, 2018, and the rest is herstory. God showed up in a profound way! There were people praying near and far for God to send me His best. I am a living witness that God hears and answers our prayers!

His Story

I met Shetay for the first time back in Austin, TX in 2011 through a mutual friend of ours named Brett Lee. I learned in that meeting that Shetay was a worshipper, singer, songwriter, and kingdom-minded. We had a lot in common. At the time of our meeting, there was no interest in each other however we developed a friendship. Shetay was in transition getting ready to move from Austin, TX to Tampa, FL to further her education. Before Shetay left, we decided to do a CD project together along with 2 other ladies and 2 gentlemen. Our group was called Spontaneous.

After our CD release party, Shetay and other band members agreed to stay in fellowship and continue ministering as we promoted our new project. By then, Shetay had moved away to Tampa, FL but we stayed in touch. I knew our relationship was very important and that she was a good friend.

After Shetay finished her degree she landed a job at Texas State University as an Assistant Professor and moved back to Texas (Austin/San Marcos TX). At the time, I was leading worship at Glory House and I asked if she would be willing to give vocal lessons to the praise team. It was a good way to connect with Shetay and sow into her life.

Fast forward to 2018, my mother came to visit me for the 1st couple of months of the new year. During that time Shetay and I would talk on the phone frequently. My mother really liked Shetay the first time they met back in 2016 during my birthday party. So, my mother was at my apartment hearing me talk to Shetay on the phone and mentioned, “You need to ask her out to dinner.” “I put the phone on mute and explained to my mom that we were just friends and we both were not interested in each other.” My mom said, “Umm sometimes we are looking for someone and miss it because they are right under our nose.” I explained to my mother again that there was no interest.

On that following Sunday, I was on my way to church and felt an impression from the Lord that I should ask Shetay to go out. It was clear to me that it was not to go out for a casual friendship dinner but to make my intention known that I would like to develop a relationship with her to see if there was anything between us.

On our 1st date, we met up at the George Washington Carver Museum for an event hosted by SWSW in Austin, TX after the event we had dinner at True Food Kitchen. We seemed to hit it off well with conversation, morals, and our heart to be married. Yes, on the first date I was already asking her if she wanted to hyphenate her name or take on my last name. We both knew that this was something real from God and our progression was natural. We did not have to force anything or make it happen. We just needed to submit to God’s plan for our lives and watch Him work it out.

After a couple of dates we began to become fond of each other both physically, spiritually, and mentally. We decided to commit this relationship to the Lord through much fasting and praying. We received approval from our friends and families that God was bringing us together.

I saw Shetay for the first time as the most beautiful woman for me. She was everything I asked God for, and more. I knew in my heart that she would be the love of my life. I am so thankful to God for her.

We are now 3 months strong in the relationship and planning to spend the rest of our lives together. God has fulfilled His promise to me and has redeemed the years. We are excited about you joining us to celebrate our wedding on Saturday, August 4, 2018, in Tampa, FL.

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