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How do I request your Recording Studio Services (e.g., vocal recording, instrumental tracks)?

To request our recording studio services, you will complete the following steps.

1. Schedule your Complimentary consultation by clicking the "Book Appointment" button below, and then select Complimentary consultation under "Recording Studio Services".

Book an appointment with Heavenly Soundz Music

2. Book your first Recording session by clickMoring the "Book Appointment" button below, and then select Recording session under "Virtual Piano Lessons".

Book an appointment with Heavenly Soundz Music

3. Pay for your Recording session using CashApp, PayPal, Debit or Credit Card.

Cash App: https://cash.app/$HeavenlySoundzMusic

More information about our Recording Studio Services

Service Fees
Digital Audio Recording Package- live recording and editing of vocals and instrumental tracks* $50 an hour
Music Production- offering creative musical solutions, spoken word, guest artist, instrumentalist, etc., effects, and engineering a high-quality sound Included
Artist Development- creating a brand, developing your audience/followers. (Includes: 1-HSM page with bio, headshot, description of music genre and links to music) Included
Vocal Coaching $65 an hour
Piano Lessons $65 an hour
Artist Webpage Development- Create an artist page (external) for music marketing*** $99
Mastering- Adding the final touches on each song to make sure the audio sound is perfected to be played on every system.  Mixing down vocals, and instruments to ensure equalization, compression, expansion, reverb, spatial imaging, volume, trimming, sequencing, and spacing between tracks.** TBD
Copyright/Publication TBD
Digital distribution, selling physical CDs *** TBD

*Recording studio time is $50 an hour. All services without an asterisk (*) is included in the hourly rate unless a price is stated.

**Mastering a project will be an additional fee (TBD) after all tracks are recorded.

***These are services you may choose to do yourself, however if HSM does them it will be additional pricing.

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