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Registration for Virtual Piano Lessons

To register for virtual piano lessons with Heavenly Soundz Music, you will complete a three step process.

1. Book your initial Complimentary orientation with Edward Lewis Hanserd by clicking on the "Book Appointment" button below.

Book an appointment with Heavenly Soundz Music

2. Review and sign the HSM Policies and Consent form, then you will upload the form to the online Virtual Lessons Intake form upon completion.

HSM Policies and Consent form

Virtual Lessons Intake form

3. Book your recurring weekly or bi-weekly 45-minutes or 1-hour piano lesson. Upon confirming your appointment, we will email you a link to setup your recurring monthly payment online using PayPal to secure your piano lessons. Or you may remit payment below.

Book an appointment with Heavenly Soundz Music

Monthly payment options

More information about Virtual Piano Lessons

Types of lessons offered:

Beginning lessons-learn music theory, reading music, ear training, sight singing, rhythm and beats, hand and finger positions, basic chords, and learning notes on keyboard.

Intermediate lessons-music theory, sight reading, fingering, chord reading, scales, learning repertoire, ear training, beats and rhythm exercises.

Advanced lessons- these lessons I would recommend an hour session that will include, advanced music theory, sight reading, major and minor scales, arpeggios, advanced chord reading, advanced repertoire, beats and rhythm, and composition.

Genres of music taught:

Classical piano-offered for intermediate and advanced lessons

Jazz piano-offered to advanced lessons. Learn modes, scales, playing by ear, rhythm, and beats exercises, learn jazz standards.

Gospel piano-learning to play by ear, reading chord charts, rhythm, and beats exercises, harmony, and learning how to play different styles of gospel music. Creating and learning how use contemporary chord symbols.

HSM Policies and Procedures for Taking Virtual Piano Lessons

*Required technology and materials. All students must have the following to take virtual piano lessons

  • Must own an electronic keyboard, and or acoustic piano which includes a bench or appropriate chair, a music stand, and a foot pedal

  • Must own a laptop, or ipad, or webcam where I can visually see them, and they can see me throughout the entire lesson

  • Have a tripod or something which the iPad or webcam can be placed on for movement. This is not mandatory, but only needed if the teacher is unable to see the students hand movement.

  • Must download the Zoom application

  • Must have an email account

*Payment Policy

  • All lessons must be paid by the month once the free trial lesson/orientation is completed
  • All lessons must be paid through the heavenlysoundzmusic.com website on the virtual lesson page by debit or credit card only.
  • If a student misses a prepaid lesson, it is up to them to watch the uploaded missed lesson on the heavenlysoundzmusic.com website portal.
  • All lessons will be recorded and archived and released to the student upon request. This will be formatted in Zoom.
  • Cancellation policy-If a student decides to cancel piano lessons, they must notify the teacher by email or phone to cancel. If they paid for the month, they will be reimbursed for the portion in which they did not receive a lesson. This amount will be credited by a cashiers check or money order. This will be sent to them by mail in the next 3-10 business days.

*Criteria for taking virtual piano lessons

  • Students must practice 30 minutes M-F (please see practicing technique sheet)

  • Students must show up to lessons on time. If they are running late, they are using up their time and lessons will not go over their established time.

  • Younger students may have parental guidance during the virtual lesson

  • Lessons are taught to students from ages 6 – and up

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